in the moment


      There’s always something on our minds; the task at hand, what we want to eat in a couple hours, what someone said this morning. A few weeks ago, I was walking home from my kindergarten job along, the river, to the next bridge, where my house is. I was feeling a lot of stress about my life. Working one job early in the morning and finishing another job rather late at night was starting to take it’s toll. On weekends I was too exhausted to enjoy the time off, and I usually ended up being unpleasant for my wife by the time Sunday evening came. I was also not impressed by the amount of money I had to give to my in-laws, on top of what Korean culture was dictating, even with a child coming.  Anyway, the point I’m getting to is that not much of my attention was being focused on the moment, walking home. It was the first week of nice, warm weather. The sky was clear blue with a few bright, passing clouds. The cherry trees were full of buds, just about to open into their their elegant, white petals. Everything at that moment was perfectly fine. All of my problems were entirely in my mind. At that moment, none of them were real. 

      Of course, situations will arise, but that’s the moment to take care of them. By taking care of each moment, the future will take care of its self. If there’s something that must be done now, do it! Then, simple things, like walking home along the river on a perfect Spring day, can be fully experienced, without being deluded by thoughts and worries. There’s no reason to be thinking of the bad things that happened in the past either, they are finished. I have an easier time with this one, but there are still times that I memory springs up from apparently nowhere. The best thing to do is not react to it. Don’t waste your energy feeling guilt or regret. Don’t attach another thought to it, just let it go. Eventually, it will fade and disappear entirely. 

      Right now, everything is fine. There’s nothing to worry about!


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  1. Saturday, May 9, 2009

    Good morning Joseph & Eun Bong-ah! I’ve been looking for you on skype and ended up finding you here. My heart emanations are full and fly to you with the blessings of my deepest, highest Love. I have held your essence in my heart space all week and, with the daily practice of the Bodytalk balancing, am becoming more mindful of the rhythm of my breath–coursing like the tide upon the ocean of life. “Magical power; marvelous action!”

    Last evening I shared supper and life stories with Isao and Maggie in Isao’s cozy, yellow kitchen. We sat on the cushions I had watched Maggie sew the day before and ate delicious fish and rice with veggies. Then we sipped Isao’s good tea as we talked. The nourishing intimacy of women, openly grateful for one another’s presence, is such a soothing balm. I drove home wearing the comfort of their affection like a warm sweater.

    The moon was so bright it lit up the entire landscape and my thoughts immediately flew to Eun Bong-ah and the tiny person waiting to embark upon the last stage of her journey to birth. I looked up as I stepped out onto Isao’s doorstep, and immediately exclaimed that I could see the face so clearly. But it was not the man in the moon I saw, but the face of Fina as she looked in the ultrasound photos. The loving kindness of the universe is mirrored wherever we open ourselves to it …

    With palms together, I honour and welcome the little one who has journeyed from beyond space and time to incarnate into our family. And I honour the unbreakable connection of Love that allows us all to find our way Home. “Come in, Fina, welcome!”

    “Hey, Sister Moon, are you coming round soon?
    Hey, Sister Moon, in your midnight blue …
    Every new moment there’s a brand new start
    When you got nature down deep in your heart;
    And as the mountains move on the winds of change
    There’s no fear of the world running in your veins.
    So groove on Sister, groove on Sister Moon
    Groove on my baby, groove on Sister Moon …
    Are you coming round soon?” (by Transvision Vamp)

    With much Love,
    All Our Relations!

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