visiting the Bodhisattva (aka Statue) of Liberty


I thought this would be a good opportunity to get back on the Dhamma Track and share with you the Mahayana vow of the Bodhisattva…

I will strive for as long as Samsara endures to liberate all sentient beings from Samsara and lead them to enlightenment.

The key word here, as most of us have found out, is strive. If it were as simple to liberate all sentient beings from Samsara as it is to take the vow, we would all have been liberated soon after the vow was first uttered!

I'd already conceptualized this post on the flight to New York, so I almost dropped my camera when I saw this poster on display in the museum! Apparently, Miss Liberty was already well aware of the vow and well along the path of a Bodhisattva... ^_^

This reminded me of little, low quality, Buddha amulets you can buy in tourist traps and temple shops (not to entirely connect the two) around Asia.

Two individuals for whom I would give a great deal to, one day, share liberation with.

My Uncle and Aunt. Two Bodhisattva in disguise!

We Love NY! *^^*

I’d been to the statue when I was 10, and climbed all the way to the crown. You need special passes now, and you can’t bring a baby. I remember feeling like it was so high up. Later that day, we went up the World Trade Center. The Statue of Liberty looked like a tiny figurine poking up from the water.


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