right speech


After spending last week writing about the precepts, and especially right speech, I got home Thursday evening to my wife upset about an argument  she’d had with her mom, which boiled over to her father, then I got thrown into it, guilty by association, I suppose. The cause of the fighting came down entirely to harmful speech; gossip, lies, and things said out of anger. On most other days, I probably would have thrown myself right into it, and added to the suffering, but I just happened to have been a little more mindful that day. Instead of saying anything, I listened to the story, why everyone was angry, then I told her about how I’d been thinking a lot about right speech and how everything that day could have been avoided by it. Not long after, she called her parents, and had a similar talk with them, and just like that, everything was okay again. The whole thing just reaffirmed to me how much more peaceful our lives could be if we maintained right speech.

So many times, I say I’m going to do something, and life seems to give me the perfect opportunity to fail. I said I would focus on right speech, one day at a time,  and I did pretty well. The next thing I should work on is the speech that goes through my mind when my baby won’t stop screeching. About 99% of it stays there but the 1% that gets out is bad enough!


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  1. Thanks for this reminder. Great timing as this is my
    major focus right now. I am not pleased by my speech
    habits that I have built up over the years and find that
    it is very difficult to be mindful in this area.

    I have found the same as you , when I can engage the
    thought process before the speech process I have much
    more skill at not creating problems.

    This also goes well with Metta Practice. When we can
    open our heart to those that we feel anger towards and
    direct our thoughts and speech to loving kindness towards
    them I think we are on a path that will bring much serenity.


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