dreams of sleep


Gwan Eum Temple, at the end of a long trail


I’ve never met Dae Haeng Kun Sunim, and don’t expect that I ever will. There is a subtle connection to her; she gave me my Dharma name and is my Preceptor, through her book, I’ve gotten to know Chong Go Sunim and Marcus, and now and then she shows up in my dreams. She always has a strong and motherly presence in my dreams.  I almost feel as though it’s really her energy that’s there. Another characteristic of the dreams is that she always gives me a teaching, and, yes, she’s told me a couple times to let go! The first time, she told me to, “let go of trying to understand, that’s not how I would meet the Buddha.” 

Lately, the sum of my experience has led to a shortage of sleep and it’s been starting to wear on me. This morning, just before I woke up, she came into my dream, pressed her palm against my forehead with a circular motion. She told me, in a very stern tone to sleep! I woke up tired, but with a soothing pulse where her hand had been. I had a buzz of peaceful energy emanating from that spot. I told EunBong about the dream, and she told me we should go buy another lotto ticket… I’m pretty sure Dae Haeng Kun Sunim meant exactly what she said though! So, I’m going to stop what I’m doing now, and sleep! Maybe if I’m a good boy, next time she’ll give me some lotto numbers… but again, I don’t expect that she ever will! ^_^


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  1. Really nice, Joseph! I appreciated that you had this soothing “motherly” dream on the morning of my birthday. Letting go and releasing to the peace and restful state of your own inner temple is surely good advice I’d extend to you also!

    I believe you have more than a subtle connection to your Preceptor–your dream indicates that her energy is now part of your own higher consciousness and available to you for your highest good. Because its effects didn’t disappear upon awakening, you may wish to study more about the workings and energy associated with your brow chakra (third eye) and reflect on the possibility that this was a legitimate healing experience.
    How fortunate, Joseph!! As is true of most things given, bidden or unbidden, the responsibility for choosing how or if to use the experience lies with you.

    Though it’s not exactly analogous to your perception or to your Preceptor’s revered status, my favourite line from Richard Brautigan surfaces yet again in my mind space: “We are all watched over by machines of loving grace.” Dream on, Joseph!

    :~) Lovingly, MOM

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