I noticed, just now, that someone was led to this blog from a Google search for “how many days do you get off for Buddha’s birthday?”

Usually searches that lead here are for tea or Korean temples, this one was a first timer! So, if anyone else does a similar search…

You get one day off for Buddha’s birthday.

This year, in Korea, it will be a Friday, so a nice long weekend.

The “Sokuram Grotto”, a UNESCO World Heritage site in GyeongJu, is open to the public on Buddha’s birthday, usually you can only go behind the glass wall if you’re accompanied by a monk (or are a monk, I suppose… ^^)

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  1. Hi,

    So THAT’S what the baby Buddha was doing when he raised just ONE finger into the air! LOL!

    Funny post! Thank you so much for the laugh!


    • Ya, I was searching through my pictures for something that fit, and the baby Buddha suddenly poped into my head, it was perfect!! haha
      I laughed when I thought about it, EunBong was wondering why I was sitting there, starring at my computer laughing.

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