Fina’s shoot


Fina had her first professional photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.

It had been a dream of my wife’s since she was young to be a model, and she admitted later that while she was pregnant, she prayed everyday for Gwan Se Eum Bosal to give Fina good health, she also prayed that she would have long legs and a pretty face!

We sent her photos out to a few agencies, and all but one responded. I’m not crazy about the industry, and I’d rather live in an age of “post-consumerism/post-advertising” but for now it seems harmless, and it gives my wife something to do until she’s able to work full-time again.

EunBong said that it was a long day, but they enjoyed it. There were two other babies there but for the whole day they kept calling for Fina! The owner of the company came in to look at her and said he thought her photo had been Photoshopped. He was amazed that she actually looked like her photo.

I know my baby is cute (it’s really hard to practice not being proud!), but it still surprises me to her all the reactions from people, especially in Korea. EunBong said that it’s actually exhausting when she goes out, even to the grocery store. People swarm her to look at Fina, especially middle school and high school students. She said one girl was looking at Fina, and finally blurted out, “Oh, your so pretty, but I’m so ugly so you should have to look at me, you should only see pretty things!” She then covered her face in her hands and ran away. I felt sorry that the girl felt that way, but I also hoped that Fina will look at beauty or look at ugliness in her life to come and not be effected either way. Look at what happened when young Siddhartha was at last confronted with the ugliness of the world…

She got called in this week for another campaign, advertising baby carriers. They thought they’d use her more as a filler, but when they saw her, they told EunBong they’d like to use her for their full-two-page spread!

she loves vegetables!

last shot of a long day, Fina finally had enough~


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  1. Haha–Dad would blame her discontent in the last photo on the ruffly hat. He detested bonnets and always took them off your sisters, believing they were a totally unnecessary evil.

    Fina is as perfect a little entity as I’d dare imagine! I love her in the miniature hanbok–a lilliputian empress dowager! The Bok Choy Baby is my favourite–or is it the one with the vegetable cart?? Precious all! I’ll just leave it where it began…an unconditional “I love her!”

    Thanks for posting this for our enjoyment!
    Love, MOM

  2. These are wonderful images, Joseph. And a very beautiful baby!

    When my daughter was 6 months old, we lived in Rome for several months. She was a big-cheeked, curly-haired blond baby. And the Italians went nuts for her. Burly construction workers would stop their truck to watch her walk down the street (in my arms). Young men would come up and pinch her cheeks. Waiters in restaurants would carry her around while waiting tables, so that my wife and I could eat in peace.

    It was a pretty amazing thing to us – to live in a culture that valued babies so much, that didn’t view them as impediments to the important work of life.

    Eventually we moved back to Seattle and we missed the child-centric nature of Italian life – and found it very hard to create anything like that here. We’d have dinner guests in our home ask if we couldn’t do something to quiet our crying daughter….

    • Hello Barry,
      My father’s family is Italian, and I often say that there are many similarities between Italians and Koreans!

      Actually, when we go to our favorite Italian restaurant in Seoul, the Korean waiters and waitresses also carry Fina around the restaurant while we eat.

      I had a couple of women try to crab her out of my arms when she was a new born, which made me nervous, but EunBong was surprised I didn’t let them. I think the mother bear syndrome describes me a bit better than it does EunBong! haha

  3. wow joseph- these are great, but i think you couldve done even better! but im sure it was fun for eunbong to go to a ‘real’ photographer and get fina all dressed up. she is sucha chunky cutey! emani was pretty chunky but he’s kind of getting slender, but im sure he’ll get chunky again. peter was also thinking we should get emani into the modeling business- especially now, while he’s too young to get a big head about it! it sounds like you are bit like peter. he is definitely the more protective one. when we go to big meetings with people we know, he won’t let anyone hold him. you said the waiters carry her around while you eat- NO way would peter let them do that. its good though, i couldn’t ask for a better parenting partner.

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