some photos


I’ve been spending a lot of time sorting through old photos, lately.

Here are [a few more than] a few I really like…


This is one of the first pictures I took in Korea (Bulguksa, Gyungju), in March, 2005, with a disposable camera.




through the bus window, going over the bridge to the Incheon International Airport.



a girl drawing in the dirt in front of the ruins in Angkor, Cambodia. Something about this picture I've always liked.



Jebiwon Buddha, reflected in the glass. I was intrigued by the triple perspective.



a lotus pond in December. (Korea)



a lotus pond in February (Bali)



a deer at a temple, outside Hiroshima



a cremation I came across in Bali (I asked permission before I took any photos)






Swayanabath, the "Monkey Temple", Kathmandu



I was told by a local that he'd lost his family in an earthquake, so he moved to Hampi to raise goats. Gwan Seum Bosal, Gwan Seum Bosal, Gwan Seum Bosal...



in front of Angkor Wat



it didn't occur to me until now,but he was one of the few 'old' people I met in Cambodia. he had wooden teeth when he smiled, but didn't smile for the picture...



EunBong, throwing food to the gulls



Mudeung Mountain, in the south-western corner of Korea



a pagoda in Kyoto



perhaps my most memorable sunrise. even the monkeys sat and watched...



a tea flower



rice terrace in Tegallalang, Bali



evening "puja" (respect)



sunset at Gatbawi


>more photos<


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  1. wonderful photo’s Joseph…and I really dont think it matters whether what you say means anything to anyone but yourself.. that is reason enough to write.. everything else is a bonus.
    Miss ya!

  2. “I’ve been asking myself how helpful many of the things I do say really are to anyone?”

    – let me answer that…….. the things you say are VERY helpful, and interesting, and kind, and touching, and valuable.

    Thank you for writing and please continue to do so for as long as you feel drawn to it.


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