everyone else is a robot!


Another strange memory…

I’d come home from elementary school, and, as usually, went up to my room to be alone. Most of the time, I played with my Lego for a few hours, until it was time for supper, but sometimes I just sat, staring at the wall, or just starring.

I don’t know what I was thinking about to lead up to it, but it suddenly occurred to me that maybe everyone in the world, except for me, were robots. It was all a big conspiracy, programmed to confound me. The thought was a little too much for my elementary brain to take much further, but I remember being a little paranoid after.

Almost a decade later, I read Breakfast of Champion, by Kurt Vonnegut. It was the first Vonnegut book I’d read, and the first thing like it I’d ever read. I can probably thank Kurt Vonnegut for helping me stay true to the weirdo within me throughout my 20’s. The most striking thing about the book, for me, was that the neurotic main character becomes obsessed with the thought that he is the only person in the world with free-will and everyone else are robots!

I’d never shared my little robot fantasy with anyone, either they’d think I was strange, or they’d know that I was on to them, and that could be dangerous! I’d never imagined that anyone else had had the same idea. It made me wonder how many other seemingly random thoughts are shared by others. How many other people ever had the notion that they were the only real person, and everyone else are robots? It’s kind of like a strange dream that you find out is a universal metaphor that almost everyone has dreamed of. If we could look just a little deeper, would we see that we are all thinking, dreaming, breathing together, as one? According to those who can see that place, we are!


Mr Bungle – None of Them Knew They Were Robots


for the studio version with lyrics (it’s clearer but not found on youtube), you can click here:



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