first steps


For about a week, last month, Fina would wake up at about 1:30 am, rolling around on the bed, giggling uncontrollably. She’d crawl over to the sliding window at the foot of the bed and, standing up against it, would start smacking it like a glass drum, laughing hysterically and bouncing on her feet.

It was difficult to share her enthusiasm when I’d already been asleep for some time. I sat up with more disbelief than anything, wondering what she was doing. As EunBong rose as well, we sat there starring at her, equally dumbfounded. Fina then turned from the window, and propelled by the momentum of both her hysterics and her bouncing, took two full steps toward us before landing on her bottom. Any thoughts of sleep were blown away as we both cheered and clapped, Fina just kept on bouncing, grinning widely.

I expected to she her walking soon after that, but weeks went by with nothing. She will pull herself to her feet with the help of a chair or the handles on the cupboard door, and shuffle along sideways, keeping her hands against the cupboard or the wall the whole time, but no self supported steps.

This week, she started standing more and more on her own though, and looked as though she wanted to walk, but seemed unsure. I would take her hands and lead her along for a few steps before she’d drop down and crawl or let me know she wanted to be picked up. A couple of nights ago, she was sitting alone, playing when she turned to us and stood up. She had a determination in her face and we both knew what was coming. From a few feet away, I held my arms out to her and, lifting her knees high, she stomped her way to me. When she arrived I raised her in the air and we cheered. Fina let out a huge, ecstatic screech. I put her back down and we applauded and Fina clapped her hands with us. With laughs and smiling wide, she rolled on the floor clapping. She knew she’d done something big!


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  1. Joseph, My Brother in The Face of Reality,

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you and EunBong, and to be one of the first to respond to this!

    Hope to talk to all three of you soon,


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