Happy Mother’s Day


I just sent this image out my mom for mother’s day, and I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. It’s from Tricycle’s e-card site (the image links to the site…).

Lately, Fina’s been phrasing the word, “mama” in an appropriate enough manner that I believe she understands the (her) meaning. What amuses me is that she’ll also call me “Mama,” especially after nights that I’m alone with her, and then on weekends when we’re together the whole time.

What it makes me think (and I understand if some would rather not agree with me, but please don’t take this as any offense…) is that the word “mama”, from the mouth of an infant, doesn’t necessarily depend on gender as much as the qualities that a baby associates with the word. It seems to me, the word “mother” was taken from the the early speech of babies and made into a word with a given definition by adults. In the languages of the world, it’s amazing how similar many of the words for mother are.

I found this list of the word mother in several languages. I noticed Korean (Ohmma) and Thai (Mae) aren’t on the list, so there they are.

Language Mother
Afrikaans Moeder, Ma
Albanian Nënë, Mëmë
Arabic Ahm
Aragones Mai
Asturian Ma
Aymara Taica
Azeri (Latin Script) Ana
Basque Ama
Belarusan Matka
Bergamasco Màder
Bolognese Mèder
Bosnian Majka
Brazilian Portuguese Mãe
Bresciano Madèr
Breton Mamm
Bulgarian Majka
Byelorussian Macii
Calabrese Matre, Mamma
Caló Bata, Dai
Catalan Mare
Cebuano Inahan, Nanay
Chechen Nana
Croatian Mati, Majka
Czech Abatyse
Danish Mor
Dutch Moeder, Moer
Dzoratâi Mére
English Mother, Mama, Mom
Esperanto Patrino, Panjo
Estonian Ema
Faeroese Móðir
Finnish Äiti
Flemish Moeder
French Mère, Maman
Frisian Emo, Emä, Kantaäiti, Äiti
Furlan Mari
Galician Nai
German Mutter
Greek Màna
Griko Salentino, Mána
Hawaiian Makuahine
Hindi – Ma, Maji
Hungarian Anya, Fu
Icelandic Móðir
Ilongo Iloy, Nanay, Nay
Indonesian Induk, Ibu, Biang, Nyokap
Irish Máthair
Italian Madre, Mamma
Japanese Okaasan, Haha
Judeo Spanish Madre
Kurdish Kurmanji Daya
Ladino Uma
Latin Mater
Leonese Mai
Ligurian Maire
Limburgian Moder, Mojer, Mam
Lingala Mama
Lithuanian Motina
Lombardo Occidentale Madar
Lunfardo Vieja
Macedonian Majka
Malagasy Reny
Malay Emak
Maltese Omm
Mantuan Madar
Maori Ewe, Haakui
Mapunzugun Ñuke, Ñuque
Marathi Aayi
Mongolian `eh
Mudnés Medra, mama
Neapolitan Mamma
Norwegian Madre
Occitan Maire
Old Greek Mytyr
Parmigiano Mädra
Persian Madr, Maman
Piemontese Mare
Polish Matka, Mama
Portuguese Mãe
Punjabi Mai, Mataji, Pabo
Quechua Mama
Rapanui Matu’a Vahine
Reggiano Mèdra
Romagnolo Mèder
Romanian Mama, Maica
Romansh Mamma
Russian Mat’
Saami Eadni
Samoan Tina
Sardinian (Limba Sarda Unificada) Mama
Sardinian Campidanesu mamai
Sardinian Logudoresu Madre, Mamma
Serbian Majka
Shona Amai
Sicilian Matri
Slovak Mama, Matka
Slovenian Máti
Spanish Madre, Mamá, Mami
Swahili Mama, Mzazi, Mzaa
Swedish Mamma, Mor, Morsa
Swiss German Mueter
Triestino Mare
Turkish Anne, Ana, Valide
Turkmen Eje
Ukrainian Mati
Urdu Ammee
Valencian Mare
Venetian Mare
Viestano Mamm’
Wallon Mére
Welsh Mam
Yiddish Muter
Zeneize Moæ

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  1. Thanks, Joseph! I actually sent out an e-mail to about 25 friends and family members that had a similar theme…

    “I am sending this greeting to many friends; some of whom are not mothers; and others who are, actually, men! You each hold a special place in my heart for your capacity to nurture and honour Life; and your incomparable generosity of spirit. And, because of your active presence in the world, it is a better, brighter place for everyone!

    It’s a privilege to connect with people in a way that allows me to see them in the fullness of their true essence, without the pettiness of the ordinary and superficial tarnishing their shine. Such encounters give substance and expression to my inner vision of how I’d like to live and relate to others in the world.

    I truly believe that those who find their special gift and use it to bring peace and happiness to others serve the world best. May you now feel the goodness you have put into the world shining back at you in countless points of light that will never be extinguished!

    All My Relations, thank you so much!

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