a slight shift


EunBong came to meet me at school today when my classes were finished. I usually have to spend about an hour after class doing stuff before I can go home. It was nice to have some company this time. She told me about her mother’s visit that today and how different it was from usual.

A while back, I believe it was on Ox Herding, I read something to the effect of, “as we get older we learn to close the door gently.” I think EunBong’s mom is experiencing a similar understanding. Many of the suggestions I’d given EunBong that were turned down before suddenly came to be on their own today. Instead of their daily instant coffee, EunBong made her mother green tea mixed with rose buds that my mom had given EunBong while we were in Canada. She asked EunBong if I knew that she was sick, because maybe I told EunBong that she should make her mother tea instead of coffee. It pleased her to know that I was concerned. And, instead of sitting in our dim, basement apartment, they brought Fina to the park down the block and sat in the grass for a couple of hours, while Fina chased other children around. The thing I mentioned before that concerned me the most, was her apparent eagerness to be in the hospital. I wasn’t sure how productive that would be in manifesting any possible healing. Today she said that she’s changed her mind, if she’s very sick, she’d rather find a place to live in the country side, where she can smell the earth and listen to the birds in the trees.

The biggest thing was that she told EunBong’s half-sister (who hasn’t spoken to EunBong in nearly two years and forbid her mother from speaking to her, she comes to our house every day in secret) that if she’s out in the countryside, EunBong and her father will be visiting, and she doesn’t want her to say anything about it. EunBong’s sister didn’t say much to that but acknowledged her wish.  EunBong had been really upset that if her mother was in the hospital, her sister would stop her from visiting, or when her mom dies, she wouldn’t be able to be there. I hope things get resolved before it comes to that, but my Korean relatives are just about on par with my Italian relatives when it comes to being stubborn! I do feel that things will be resolved though.

I’m starting to see the power of positive thought, so until thing are resolved, perhaps that’s the best I can do.


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