happy birthday Fina!



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    • haha, that’s kind of the way I saw it, too…
      we all survived! Maybe a little banged up but no major scarring! haha

      The doljanchi wasn’t quite what I expected. I could think of a few other ways that 500 000 won could have been put to use! Last night, just the three of us had a bit of a do-over.

      The first time, she chose the five pieces of paper, but EunBong’s mother kind of interfered with her choice. She was also fond of the large medallion.

      Last night she grabbed the paint brush and the little plastic airplane. I don’t know if that one was traditional or not! haha It was the only thing that looked like a toy, so that may have had something to do with it. EunBong couldn’t really explain most of the items, I’m going to try to find something online about it.

      • “No major scars”

        That’s good enough! ^^

        The ladies here say that the paper went with the brush, and represent learning and scholarly pursuits. (it was a writing brush.)

        The medallion represented public authority, in that those were the medallions held by fairly high government officials and inspectors. The rank was indicated by the number of horses, which were supposed to be supplied by local govt offices on demand.

        The plane, well, to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a toy is just a toy!

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