Buddha’s birthday in Seoul


Living in one of the world’s most culturally homogeneous nations, a characteristic that is definitely one of Korea’s “charms”, shall we say, I look forward to the celebrations for Buddha’s birthday in Seoul not only for the Buddhist aspects, but it’s almost like having a little stroll through Asia.

Ujonggungno, the street in front of Jogyesa, is lined with tents with various activities and merchandise, but the section I usually head to is the line of tents from other countries exhibiting their Buddhist traditions and food! Dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves from the Taiwan tent and curry with roti from the India tent are my favorites!

Whether it be for the people, the lanterns, the food, or to bathe the baby Buddha, if you’re able to make it to Seoul on Sunday, it’s a fun day!

Hare Krishna!

The monk on the left is my friend, the monk in black told us not to listen to anyone in gray (which would be at least 99% of the monks in Korea), I don't know the monk on the right...


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  1. Thanks for sharing these great pics, Joseph. I’ve never quite managed to be in Korea on Buddha’s Birthday – but I can see that I’ve gotta figure out how to make it.

  2. Thank you Joseph for these. With these pictures I am able to connect to this beautiful celebration. I am filled with such joy, beauty and love to see everyone gathering together to share with one another in so many ways. Words can not express my heart felt gratitude for sharing this with us, for giving me and my family a feeling and glimpse of this wonderful celebration!

    With Warmth and Love to All,

    • You’re more than welcome!
      It’s not as fun to take all these pictures if there’s no one to show them to. I’m glad they brought joy! ^_^

      Thank you for a lovely comment, and lots of love to your family!

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