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a section of Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions

As Fina matures, she’s getting more and more comfortable when her mom is at work and it’s just the two us of. Lately, she doesn’t cry at all, she just gets a little cranky before falling asleep. Until just a few weeks ago, she would cry hysterically, sometimes until she would even cause herself to vomit. It was one of my biggest challenges in mindfulness, to remain calm while holding a screaming baby for two or three hours at a time, but on nights that I held it together well, it gave me two or three hours to practice finding ways to make her laugh.

So, one day while EunBong was home, and Fina got upset over something and starting crying, I was excited to show EunBong my new tricks! With giant tears still dropping from her plump cheeks, her frown turned into a grin and she began to shriek with laughter.

One thing you quickly learn in Korea is that it’s a very superstitious country, to the point that when I had to teach superstition in class, none of the students even thought that they had any superstitions (they believe that their superstitions are true). Despite knowing this, I’m still caught off guard when I discover a new superstition.

As Fina burst into laughter, and I felt pleased by my ability, EunBong exclaimed, “Oh no! If baby is crying and then laughing, she’s gonna have hair on her  ess-h*le!”

We’ll see what ends up being stronger, her Korean DNA or Korean superstition. On second thought, maybe we won’t see…


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