Happy Buddha’s Birthday to all!


Today is, once again, the Korean day to celebrate Buddha’s coming. Brightly colored lanterns fill the airs of the temple grounds across the country. I small golden Baby Buddha is set out for the devoted to bath with three  ladles of water.

The legend is that, after his birth, he walked from his mother, lotuses blooming in his footsteps, pointed to the sky and to the ground, and spoke, “Of all there is above and below, only I am holy.”

I heard this story the first time (and only) I listened to HyunGak Sunim speaking at HwaGyeSa. Of course, as he explained, the story is not to be taken literally, but it’s meant to tell us, it’s all within ourselves. It is a journey of introspection, not looking outside. Of course, we are all here to help one another, along with the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, but even Buddha could only point the way, be it up down or any other direction in between…

Last year, we went to BongEunSa, with EunBong’s belly about ready to pop! We’re on our way again, in just a few minutes, this time with Fina a year old and already running around!


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  1. Ahhhh, our beautiful Eun Bong!! I have tears in my eyes and want so much to hug my Korean daughter, even though I know she has probably not grown any fonder of being embraced, haha! (It’s all about ME, :~)! Tell her for me that Love Heart is still changing everything… Love, MOM

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