I couldn’t very well write a post on Ulsan Bawi without saying at least a little about Seoraksan…

I’ve been to Seoraksan a few times, and still have yet to make it to the peak. I spend so much time admiring the beauty of its valley that the sun starts getting low before I’ve even made it very far. I think I must have been close one time, but I really don’t know how much further there was to go. Also, there are many valleys and entrances to the park, I’ve only explored around one of them. It’s almost tempting to move to the north-east coast of Korea, just to be close enough to explore it more!

Even if I were to go back this weekend, the places I went before were so stunning, I’d probably end up heading straight back to them. On my most memorable hike, the fall leaves were at their prime and it had snowed during the night, so the stone peaks were covered in white while the rest of the mountains were bright with all the shades of mid-fall. About an hour or so into the trail, I cut off onto a side trail, up a huge granite cliff to a small cave temple. From the inside of the cave, the mouth looked out over the valley and the snow-covered, jagged crags that Seoraksan is named for. To this day, it is still one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen.


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  1. One time I went to the coastline to the east of Seoraksan and, while I enjoyed my visit (and the just-famous rice), I looked longingly at the peaks. Another trip…

  2. Wow! You really got some great photos, and the snow really gave it some contrast. I realize that I’ve never actually made it that far back! The peaks in the distance in the photo with the monk are really something. I’ve never seen anything like that in Korea before. And the photos of the waterfall, wow again!

  3. Thanks again to both of you…

    I only had a rather cheap camera at the time, I’d love to be able to capture it again if space and time allow! ^_^

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