December in Suwon


It’s much easier to see Suwon as “what is” now that I don’t have my baby in it… ^_^

the entrance to Jang-mo-nim's (mother-in-law's) house

Jangmonim's kimchi and soy-sauce pots

another neon cross

go-deung neighborhood

outside the butcher's shop

"coffee girl" on display, along the way to Suwon Station

little green building


a temple across the street

carrying a kimchi basin

"hanbok" shop window

West Gate, Suwon Fortress

TV repairs, or not...

first supervision church

entrance to a shaman's


sleeping on the job...

baby hanbok

former king

overlooking the palace

giant golden Buddha on the hill


South Gate


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    • It’s the neighborhood my wife grew up in. We stayed in her mom’s place for a month after returning from Canada. We’re in the next city over now. Different character, but just as many characters! ^_^

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