another year’s rice


I’ve watched this field develop over the past few weeks through the window of the bus on the way to and from work. From being covered in snow, to being tilled, then flooded, and finally sowed.

With everything going on, from PB to DPRK, there’s something about a rice paddy in spring that makes me feel like everything is still alright…

doing their part...

I may have a teaching job now, but I've worn enough blisters in my hands to appreciate wooden tools!

pizza shop on the corner


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  1. I especially love the vista that shows how the rice field is tucked in amongst the towering buildings, a reminder of where our food comes from (and how it comes to us).

  2. I don’t think those buildings have been there more than a couple of years, if that. I imagine, not very long ago, the paddies would have stretched to the next mountain.

    Most of the places I’ve lived were still rice fields when I was still in high school. Actually, where I work was all farm land when I first moved to Korea!

    • Hi Joseph,
      When I first came to Korea in 1993, we used to drive past the Singal intersection all the time, on our way to Anyang, and there was nothing there, just fields. It still amazes me from time to time to look at old photos of the area.
      I like the cowboy photo, btw!

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