EunBong’s ballet students



It’s dance competition season in Korea now for young dance students. I went with EunBong to see her students last week. Her high school students won Gold and Silver and she her best student had an injured leg and couldn’t participate.

There’s something about ballet that amazes me. I’ve heard ballerina’s must develop one of the highest thresholds for pain of an profession. EunBong seems to be able to turn hers off when she’s not dancing but there must be some amazing mental powers at work when she is!

After having Fina, needless to say, she stopped dancing for a while. Once we got back in Korea and our lives back on track and she was able to go back to her work, she described it as, “EunBong is alive again!”

EunBong said this girl has the best technique in her level but she never wins medals because "her head is too big and she's not skinny enough." huh?

This girl was a "rival", her teacher was EunBong's university friend. Actually, we both really enjoyed her performance. EunBong's manager's style is very classic and rigid and she doesn't let EunBong teach her students how to make more elegant lines. This girl danced the way EunBong wanted to teach her students.

I enjoy the flight of this one


EunBong said to me that these pictures are good because she can show her students their mistakes. With my untrained eye, they still look nice to me!


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