I once read a passage saying that if even one person in a family meditates, everyone in the family benefits.

I imagine the benefit takes place on a couple of different levels. The most obvious would be having a family member that’s even that much more level headed for having meditated. I also suppose there must be another unseen aspect that rubs off on the others.

This has been my strongest motivation to return to a decent meditation routine. It sometimes felt selfish to go sit by myself for an hour, leaving EunBong alone with Fina in the other room, but I realized in meditation, I can be just as much with them, if not more (especially more than when I’m sitting here writing on this blog…). And after meditating, I feel that my presence with them is even stronger.


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  1. “And after meditating, I feel that my presence with them is even stronger.”

    I think that’s a really good point, Joseph. More and more I feel that quality communications and time together are determined by how deeply present we are.

  2. Joseph –

    It’s often said that one cannot love others without loving oneself first. In my experience, the same is true of presence. Being present for others begins by being fully present for oneself.

    Yet if only one of two spouses practices, tensions can arise. The non-practicing spouse might feel envious, or inferior, or resentful, the practicing spouse neglectful–or morally superior. So it seems to me important to remain aware of the effect that one person’s practice is having on the other, and to adjust the time and place of practice accordingly.

    You might also think of the time spent with EunBong and Fina as itself a form of practice.

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