Varanasi photos


I posted some of my favorite photos from three days in Varanasi,
if you’re interested, I hope you enjoy~

Aloka Lekhana

calf by the Burning Ghats, Varanasi


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  1. Thanks Joseph, I’m really enjoying seeing your pictures. You are a great photographer.

    It might be useful if you put dates on your pictures in terms of knowing what season they were taken in and that kind of thing?

    All the best, K

  2. thanks for the suggestion.
    I always enjoy a bit of mystery, or perhaps the simplicity of just what is, but I’ll keep it in mind.
    thank you _/\_

  3. Tell me you use Photoshop, or have bazillion dollar camera with multiple lenses and filters and warp speed and a fortune teller. Seriously your pictures are beautiful! Almost all of mine from Varanasi are grayed from the pollution …

    Thanks for sharing! Namaste!

    • yes, to all of the above! ^^ haha
      thanks for looking, Namaste! (I have a Nikon D200, I traded another camera for it, and paid a bit extra, I think it was about $1000, without any lens.)

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