Something I began noticing a while ago is that the more Buddhist books and blog posts I read, the more talks I listen to, or people I speak to, the more I notice that nearly every teaching seems to have another teaching somewhere else to contradict it.

For a while, I actually found this a little annoying. How would I ever know what to believe, what path to follow? How do you choose who to listen to? But then I also realized that both sides could be right (or wrong) together, at the same time. They didn’t have to contradict each other, it’s more a matter of finding the space between them, where words are unable to go.


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  1. This is what Wonhyo was famous for. All of his writings were explainations of how all the different forms of Buddhism were actually expressions of the same underlying oneness, which manifested differently to match peoples’ different cultures, abilities, and ways of understanding.

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