Please don’t bury me


I get a kick out of this song whenever I hear it.

It’s not quite the Great Bodhisattva Vow, but it’s not far off…


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  1. Hey Joseph!
    I see we’re both up way too late! ^-^
    Great song!
    Btw, have you seen the youtube video “United breaks guitars”? It’s just too hilarious, and by a Halifax band called the Sons of Maxwell.

  2. LOVE this page/website?….and John Prine.
    I just posted several videos by Kenneth Pettengale…..checkthe one from Mc Cabes……it has the best guitar work I have seen in a long time……………..and he is pretty different ….very unique ……………and very young so, I think we will be hearing from him…………………

  3. I just googled the lyrics for those who may not have had the good fortune to grow up within earshot of any hillbillies or rednecks:

    Woke up this morning
    Put on my slippers
    Walked in the kitchen and died.
    And oh what a feeling
    When my soul
    Went thru the ceiling
    And on up into heaven I did ride.

    When I got there they did say
    John, it happened this way
    You slipped upon the floor
    And hit your head
    And all the angels say
    Just before you passed away
    These were the very last words
    That you said:

    Please don’t bury me
    Down in that cold cold ground
    No, I’d druther have “em” cut me up
    And pass me all around.
    Throw my brain in a hurricane
    And the blind can have my eyes
    And the deaf can take both of my ears
    If they don’t mind the size.

    Give my stomach to Milwaukee
    If they run out of beer
    Put my socks in a cedar box
    Just get “em” out of here.
    Venus de Milo can have my arms
    Look out! I’ve got your nose
    Sell my heart to the junkman
    And give my love to Rose.

    Repeat Chorus

    Give my feet to the footloose
    Careless, fancy free
    Give my knees to the needy
    Don’t pull that stuff on me.
    Hand me down my walking cane
    It’s a sin to tell a lie
    Send my mouth way down south
    And kiss my ass goodbye.

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