Chong Go Sunim asked if I had any pictures of people bowing that he could use for a post at Wake Up and Laugh. I put these together for him to choose from, and figured I might as well share them here, too.

You can read Marcus’ post, which they were used for if you like: 108 bows

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  1. There was a stunning picture in a book on Tibet of footprint indentations in the wood floor of a temple. The indentations were made from monks bowing. Blew me away. How many bows does it take to make a well in a wood floor???!!!

  2. When I went to Lhasa, I saw grooves worn into the stone pavement in front of the Jokhang Temple, the result of millions of prostrations performed in front of the one of the most important sites in Tibetan Buddhism.

  3. Not quite the same, but in Pompeii one of my strongest memories were the deep grooves worn in the streets by the ox carts (actually, they were probably horse drawn, but lately, I like to think of them as ox carts…).

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