still raining


The monsoon, this summer, had a few days of heavy rain, a lot of humidity, but quite a few sunny skies considering it was the monsoon. Since the monsoon season ended, it hasn’t stopped raining.

Last night, we had the first typhoon of the season. Not much serious damage, but a few knocked down trees, lots of leaves and pine needles scattered around, and the rice field looked a little slanted as I passed on my way to work today. There was one big, old tree I enjoy looking at everyday, through the window, that had split down the trunk and a huge portion lay hanging over the bank of the stream below. I was a little sorry, but such is the nature of existence.

I had to laugh as the first of my students made his way into class, though. I don’t know what time in the morning he was out at to do this to his umbrella, it was that eerie calmness before and after the storm when I left work last night and made my way back this morning.

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