Somewhere in Cambodia


I’m not sure how long it will be before life will allow me another big trip, but in the mean time I’ve had an urge to look back on the trips I have taken. I’ve hardly mentioned anything to anyone of my travels through India, I was waiting for the frustrations of the trip to numb a bit… But as I’m still organizing all the photos I took on that trip, I thought I’d start with Cambodia, one of the most influential weeks of my life…

Somewhere in Cambodia Five years ago, the three Jos (Josette, Joe, and myself), took a trip to Cambodia together to visit the ruins of Angkor Thom but, of course, what we found was much, much more. I wrote about the trip in several long emails during the weeks that followed, but I'd like to revisit the trip, partly through the original emails, but also through new eyes. In my original narrative, I began, I'll just tell of my experiences as they come to me, instead of … Read More

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading more travel stories. I laughed out loud at your “frustrations of India” reference. I think the truest benchmark of my declining sanity is how much time I spend scheming to go back there.

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