Martin Newman Photography


I was kindly given permission to use this image, please respect its copyright, thank you!

This morning, there was a rare comment on my photo-site waiting in my in-box.

I followed the link from the man who left the comment and found a treasure…

At first I was mesmerized with his photos from a trip to Kham, Tibet. By the smiles on their faces, they look like they could be some of the happiest people in the world.

Then, I noticed a gallery titled, Korea 1970. With the amount of change there is here in any given month, I’m not surprised it almost looks like another country. If it weren’t for the folk villages and small pockets of traditional homes that escaped destruction, though, I wouldn’t have believed it!


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  1. The photos from 1970 Korea are pretty astonishing – it does indeed look like another country – more like Tibet than anything else. Great to have that record of times gone by.

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