Fina’s first hike


After dancing with Fina all Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, we decided to out for a walk to the tiny one-hall temple by the mountain on the edge of town.

When we got there, it was so nice and the air immediately changed when we entered the forest, I told EunBong that if we left Fina’s stroller by the temple, I could carry her and we could hike up the mountain. EunBong, reasonably, had her doubts, but it was a small mountain and I said when I got tired, I could just put her down for a bit and rest, so she agreed.

It ended up being a lot less time than I’d anticipated before my back started tensing up, so I put Fina down for a bit and let her walk. The thing was, when I was ready to pick her up again, she wouldn’t let me. With her stubby little legs, and stubborn determination (and help from papa swinging her over the difficult parts), she climbed more than half the mountain!

Once we got to the ridge, she was able to walk around and swing her arms a little, and chase a few puppies, then she let me carry her up the trail to the peak. It was cute listening to her deep, little baby breaths as she wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder. I thought it would be nice if I put her down once we got there and let her summit on her own. She ran right to the stone marker, gave it a big hug, then tried to climb on top of it. She was definitely the Queen of the Mountain!

We had to drag her away, kicking and screaming, but she let us carry her down the mountain, again. I was a little surprised that the hour and a half up was only 20 minutes down! Again, I put her down at the bottom to let her finish the hike on her own, and we stopped in the temple once more to pay respects and bid goodnight to the bulky Buddha.

On the way back, Fina slept pretty soundly in her stroller and didn’t wake up for quite a while, even once we were home. When she finally did wake up, and stood for the first time, she wobbled a little and fell back down with a shriek. From my own experience, I figured she must have been wondering where her legs went!


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  1. I was very aware of my heart space as I read and viewed your wonderful (as always) photos!

    I think you’re doing absolutely the best thing a parent can do to instill a love of nature and physical activity, while introducing her to your own favourite pastimes. I also believe you’re cultivating a worthy companion! Great stuff, Joseph!

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