market in Suwon


Sometimes I’ll have a dozen posts incubating in my mind, other times I’ll go for weeks without much to say.

But even when words don’t come, there’s always something to look at, inside or out…

After all this time in Korea, I still enjoy walking through the traditional markets. It’s not as mysterious as it used to be, but now I enjoy seeing what new things I recognize since the last visit, or better yet, which things I can now name in Korean.

In Suwon, close to where my wife grew up, there’s one market I really enjoy walking down. The afternoon light shines in on all the little shops and piles of produce stacked on the street. You know all the produce is local, as even the furthest corners of the country are not that far away, let alone the farmland where the stuff was grown. Here’s a long walk through the market:

han yak - medicinal plants

drying A'hobak (like a zucchini)


a bee hive (dunno why??)

ma (pearly yam)

gam (persimmons)

dalk bal (chicken feet)

dae'chu (dates)



dried shrimp

lots and lots of chillies

bori (barley)

dried chillies

mu (baby Korean radish)

garlic greens

toran (Taro root)

more radish

gaeng'nip (sesame leaves)


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  1. I never felt more connected to the web of humanity than I did in a Korean marketplace! It’s also the most organic form of commerce one could ever conceive of. Thanks for sharing your stroll!

  2. Hey Jo, I always enjoy looking at your blog. It makes me really want to go back to Korea. I actually got my CELTA in June and I am thinking of going back. I used to love going through those old markets. So much cool stuff to see. I see you’re getting good at the Korean language. I saw some pictures of the baby, some cute. Hope to meet her someday. I hope all is well. Maybe in a few months time you might see me over there. Have a god one.

    Peace and Blessings


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