a small space


Last month, we finally moved back to Bundang. After a year of living in a series of less than desirable places, it felt like coming home!

One of the best features of Bundang is Tancheon, the carp filled stream that runs the entire length of the city. A block from our new flat is where another smaller stream meets the Tancheon and there’s a small park lined with cherry trees, Japanese maples, and a few weeping willows.

The park is only a thin city block wide, but walking along the trail, the separation feels much greater, and I’m grateful to have a small space so close by to bring Fina to experience a bit of the nature that I was fortunate to grow up with.

Although even in Seoul, one of the world’s biggest cities, there are mountains poking up out of every corner, you’re never very far from a nice spot to escape!

Even just in front of our building, Fina was already having a ball running in circles in the newly fallen leaves. I wasn’t sure if we’d even make it to the end of the block!

it tickles!!!

hard to believe there are about 20-something million people just behind us!

She’s a quick learner…

… except for learning when it’s time to stop! 

One to make her Yankee Granpa proud…

Sorry, Fina…  you can’t take papa’s camera!

Nothing mama can’t fix~

…and done.


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