North Korean tension… (Shelling of Yeonpyeong)


Since Fina was born, Eun Bong and I have been going back and forth over where to live, Canada or Korea??

The usually things we discuss are school systems, social characteristics, and sangha.

The deciding factor just might end up being something as unfortunate (and dang annoying) as North Korea’s inability to keep their guns in their pants…

please send your thoughts and intentions for this to be resolved reasonably, and reasonably quickly!


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  1. Oh… that is so frustrating! Please stay safe. And, you know, ultimately one has to make a choice for the little ones who cannot chose for themselves. If Ottawa is in your panaromic considerations, I would be happy to help out.

  2. I vote Canada…….since you did NOT ask….I know Trudy would be “Over the Moon”..gorgeous place to be………..Canada.and over the moon………both

  3. Thanks everyone,
    Ottawa, Seattle… anywhere I can find work with a BFA and 6 years experience in Korea, I’ll go! haha…
    Actually, EunBong really loves the rain, would she still love it after a year in Seattle?

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