Lotte chicken


Last night, head line news was that Lotte Mart, one of Korea’s major department/grocery store chains started selling selling buckets of fried chicken for 5000 won (less than $5). The report was apparently concerned for local fried chicken dealers that would lose a lot of business to Lotte Mart. But the way the footage was broadcast, showing the chicken being prepared, hauled fresh out of the fryers and into the hands of the customers, a row cute children sinking their teeth into their pieces with big smiles for the cameras, it looked more like a promo for Lotte than anything. I thought to myself, if they were really concerned for the smaller businesses, it might not be the best idea to broadcast 5000w Lotte chicken across the country on national news…

Whether it was from the previous nights news or not, I can’t say, but tonight’s big news was a broadcast of the giant lines at Lotte Mart of people waiting to get their bucket of chicken. They even had them taking numbers when they got in line.

The important thing is, if fried chicken is the biggest thing on the news, the North Korea situation obviously isn’t a big deal!


The government force Lotte to stop selling its chicken in response to people complaints and confusion about how other places chicken can be so much more expensive…


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  1. There is something seriously wrong with this world when…
    (a) buckets of fried chicken sell for less than bags of vegetables
    (b) people take so much pleasure in eating the bodies of other beings
    (c) the media and business encourage the animal holocaust that is causing so much suffering to the creatures themselves, to people’s health, and to the planet
    (d) Buddhist teachings against killing and stealing (taking lives that are not freely offered) and that all beings were once our mothers hace so little sway in society.

    May each of these birds be re-born in a place of peace and happiness, may all people everywhere awaken to the spirit of peace and non-killing and compassion.

    Marcus _/\_

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