Hahoe Maeul Mask Dance; Slaughtering the Bull


One of the most popular of the Hahoe Maul Mask Dances is the Slaughtering of the Bull. One day, I’ll have to ask my wife if she can pick up on enough of what the butcher says so that she can translate it for me.

One part I’ve been able to figure out is after the slaughter, he goes around trying to sell the heart. When he came around to where I saw seated with my friends, I decided to take his bait and asked, “How much?”

When he saw he had a buyer, he decided to go for the bigger sale and hauled out the bull’s testicles. Again, I asked how much, (which I suspect is what he was waiting  for…) at which point, he turns to the crowd and comments, “He really needs it!” One of the first things you learn in Korea is that just about everything is “good for man” or is supposed to improve your “stamina”, hint, hint…

I offered him 5 bucks for the sac, but he held out for a higher bidder. He did let me touch it, though!

Oh, and no animals were harmed in the making of this video (just a few people got peed on…).


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  1. Hey Joseph, thanks for the link, I’ll return the favour. My pescatarian daughter would appreciate this entry! My husband tried to purchase a leather armchair, but the distress on my daughter’s part was so touching he couldn’t bear to.

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