Yankee Fina


Growing up, I disappointed my dad in a lot of ways. I suppose one could say my dad was the source of his own disappointment, but it usually seems the other way. Most of the disappointments weren’t very serious and have been forgotten, but the one thing that I can probably never make up for was not growing up to be a Yankees fan…

My dad probably just figured that I would like the Yankees. What it came down to, though, is that I loved the color blue, and blue jays were my favorite bird. If only my dad would have known, maybe he could have told me that the Yankees colors were also blue, or if I’d been aware of the suffering I was causing him, I might have chosen my team more compassionately. It didn’t help that after winning the World Series the year before I was born, they went on to have the longest streak in their history without winning a championship. Also, the mid-80s were when the Blue Jays really started becoming popular. The fortunate thing is that it wasn’t the Boston Blue Jays. I just might have grown up without a father!

There’s little I can do to make up for the past now, but I hope dad will be happy to know that Fina is very fond of the Yankees hat I bought in New York last year. And I’ll do my best to see that she’ll be her grandpa’s little Yankee fan when we make it home someday for a ball game!

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