Monday Morning Blues; I Love You So


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Valentine’s Day coincides nicely with my blog, this year! ^_^

Investigating the importance of wisdom in Buddhism, I read that it is divided into two factors; Right Thought and Right Understanding. And one of the most important factors of Right Thought is extending to all beings, thoughts of Love!

I would have thought that extending thoughts of love would fall under compassion, but isn’t it lovely that the Buddha described love as wisdom?!

Of course, love in this situation is not a selfish love, leading to attachment and suffering, it is loving-kindness, extended for the benefit of all beings.

In today’s song, Champion Jack Dupree’s I Love You So, a Creole love song, it sounds as though he, like most of us, starts off with the selfish type of love, heavy, serious, self-interested. But soon, he must have figured something out, because when you really extend your love, selflessly to all beings, you can’t help but shout, “Oh, La La!”

So let’s all extend a little “Ooh Lala!” and “Oh Lala!” to ourselves and all other sentient beings this Valentine’s!



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