Fina’s 2nd birthday


Fina’s birthday didn’t start off quite as nicely as we’d hoped. She woke up at 5:30am demanding to watch Pororo, the animated penguin, and realizing it would take a bit more pushing to get her parents up at that hour, so she quickly turned up the volume until we weren’t quite as excited for her birthday as we’d been when we went to bed a few hours earlier. We tried telling her Pororo wasn’t on TV, but when EunBong turned the TV on to show her, there was Pororo and all his friends. I was half impressed that Fina knew her show was on and half terrified that this would know be a recurring habit!

I managed to get a couple more hours of sleep between Fina’s excited shrieks and by the time I was ready to get up, Fina was passed out cold on the floor, with the place looking as though she’d had quite a bash while I slept! Actually, she looked like she’d had quite a bash the way she was spread out on the floor. I put her on the couch, where EunBong was also passed out, and got ready for work.

When I got home from work, we had our cake ceremony and Fina made sure to get her $1.50’s worth out of the candles, asking me to relight them about a dozen times before I told her it was enough. We could wait anymore to dive into it!

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  1. Dear Joseph, I stopped “Looking for Siddhartha” (my first blog experience) and will create another one after some time (rest…). I stopped also reading blogs and commenting regularly for some time and what I see now is really marvellous. I am amazed about the beautiful pictures about your family!! And such a peaceful atmosphere! I am also smiling about your “Pippi – T-Shirt”, I was a great fan of her when I was young :-)!
    Have a nice time and a good sleep! See you!


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