Five Precepts Blues; #2.9 – Jack of Diamonds


Be Good Tanyas – The Coo Coo Bird

“Jack of Diamonds, Jack  of Diamonds, don’t I know you of old?
You’ve robbed my poor pockets of silver and gold.”

In the Sigalovada Sutta, the Buddha the describes the six dangers in compulsive gambling;

“These are the six dangers inherent in compulsive gambling: winning breeds resentment; the loser mourns lost property; savings are lost; one’s word carries no weight in a public forum; friends and colleagues display their contempt; and one is not sought after for marriage, since a gambler cannot adequately support a family.”

Gambling isn’t exactly described as stealing, but it doesn’t seem too far off either. It could be described as a sort of insensitivity to what others have.


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