Aversion, my friend, makes you blind, makes you sightless, makes you ignorant. It brings about the cessation of discernment, is conducive to trouble, and does not lead to Unbinding.

– from the Channa Sutta


You don’t need a Buddha around to point out desire, it’s obvious enough, but one thing I hadn’t much realized before was aversion and the huge role it plays in my life. Basically, I’m just not very good at getting things done, especially when it’s important!


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    • Do you mean in the way it manifests?
      I took it as pretty much the opposite of craving/desire, like waiting for my alarm to go off in the morning, or when Fina’s diaper is full of poop!

      dictionary.com used the word “antipathy” in describing aversion, which sounds a lot like the opposite of sympathy or apathy! So, I can see how it starts pointing toward anger.

      • I tend to think of both aversion and anger as fear-based. Perhaps there’s a link there? Fear of diaper poop may be one of the milder forms, admittedly 🙂

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