Thag 4.10

The Dhamma protects
those who live by the Dhamma.
The Dhamma well-practiced
brings bliss.
This — the reward
when the Dhamma’s well-practiced:
one who lives by the Dhamma
doesn’t go to a bad destination.

For Dhamma and non-
don’t bear equal results.
Non-Dhamma leads you to hell;
Dhamma, to a good destination.

So you should engender desire
for acts of Dhamma,
in the One Well-gone,
the one who is Such.
Standing firm in the Dhamma,
of the foremost
One Well-gone,
his disciples are guided
— enlightened —
to the foremost
refuge supreme.

Burst is the root of the boil;
the net of craving uprooted.
He, having ended his wandering-on,
has no stain —
like the moon
on a clear full-moon night.


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