Fina update


Fina had some good news today, her ears are fine, and her swollen glands are almost back to normal. She hasn’t coughed much over the past couple of days either.

I was really relieved because I know Fina wouldn’t have dealt well with three days hooked up to an IV, which is what the doctor said the next step would be.

Now she just has to finish off her antibiotics and go in for one more check up then.

I was probably more worried than needed, but it’s not fun getting used to these things. It was the first time Fina was seriously sick.

Thank you again for the thoughts everyone sent us, they were well appreciated!

Gwan Saeum Bosal, Gwan Saeum Bosal, Gwan Saeum Bosal for everyone. ♥

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  1. Much love to all of you. You are a wonderful father, Joseph. And… one never stops worrying… but so much else balances for the worry times. 🙂

  2. sounds good to me!
    as a parent you can never be worried enough – and as Genju says, you’ll never stop to be…;-)
    love and bliss to the little princess and her familiy

  3. no you dind’t worry too much .Little ones can get intensely sick but they also bounce back with the same intensity..Pappa growing pains indeed.. thanks for the shout out for prayers..and keeping us in touch 🙂

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